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User Adaptive Public Subsets in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace

Posted by Bryan Cave on February 7, 2021

One of the key requirements to create a user friendly business application in

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IBM Planning Analytics Workspace Release SC57

Posted by Steve Beesley on October 5, 2020

The latest release of IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (Release SC57) offers an avalanche of new functionality & features: a game changer for those looking for improved visualizations, fully ...

Integration of IBM PA and IBM CA with Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT)

Posted by Steve Moore on July 29, 2020

Being able to leverage content from an IBM Planning Analytics (IBM PA) or IBM Cognos Analytics (IBM CA) in a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation is a common requirement by ...

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Best Practices for IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) Integration

Posted by Matt Berson on February 6, 2020

Effective integration of IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) with the existing infrastructure is usually one of the top priorities of organizations looking to use TM1. TM1 has a set of embedded tools ...

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Integrated Budgeting for Balance Sheet and Cash Flow

Posted by Rob Harag on January 27, 2020

The primary focus of budgeting and forecasting at a majority of companies is the Income Statement and associated KPIs (Revenue, EBITDA, Net Income). Significant investments are often made to ...

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IBM PAX - The 4 Report Types and How to Use Them

Posted by Rob Harag on December 19, 2019

IBM Planning Analytics for Excel (PAX) gives users four ...

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The Future of IBM Planning Analytics - IBM Data and AI Forum Debrief

Posted by Peter Edwards on October 31, 2019

It was an exciting set of news and updates around IBM PA at the IBM Data and AI Conference in Miami last week. Through a variety of presentations by IBM Offering Management as well is in private ...

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IBM Planning Analytics Version 46 - Key Release Updates

Posted by Rob Harag on October 10, 2019

IBM Planning Analytics Version 46 will be released on October 15, 2019. The release includes a number of exciting enhancements to IBM Planning Analytics Workspace as well as fixes and updates to ...

Leveraging IBM License Metric to Ensure Licensing Compliance for IBM Planning Analytics

Posted by Jim Wood on July 16, 2019

Understanding the usage and utilization of IBM Planning Analytics Licenses can be a challenge for many customers. With the cost of non-compliance being potentially very high, it is important for ...

Using REST API with IBM Planning Analytics

Posted by Brian Plaia on June 25, 2019

What is the TM1 REST API The TM1 REST API is a relatively unexplored method of interacting with TM1 and allow external applications access to server objects directly. Introduced in ...

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