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Improving IBM Cognos Analytics Report Performance by using Multi-Dimensional Data Sources (IBM Planning Analytics or Cognos OLAP)

Posted by Steve Moore on December 15, 2018

As many clients tell us, report performance can be a challenge in IBM Cognos Analytics environments. In most traditional IBM Cognos deployments, ...

Topics: IBM Planning Analytics, IBM Cognos Analytics

Forrester Names IBM a “Leader,” Exciting Updates to Watson Portfolio

Posted by Jessica Lee on September 20, 2018

The future looks to data science to handle the ubiquity and increasing complexity of one of our most valuable resources—data. Among the essentials to succeed in the data science space are strong ...

Topics: IBM Watson Studio

Working with Virtual Dimensions in IBM Planning Analytics 2.0.

Posted by Theo Chen on April 23, 2018

Ability to create virtual dimensions from attribute-based hierarchies is a key update in IBM Planning Analytics 2.0 and a huge source of value. This is a major differentiation for IBM PA compared ...

Topics: TM1 Technology, IBM Cognos TM1, Performance Management, Financial Planning and Analysis, IBM Planning Analytics

IBM Cognos Controller 10.3.1. Released

Posted by Rob Harag on December 3, 2017

The latest version of IBM Cognos Controller is now available and features integration with IBM Planning Analytics Workspace. This provide tighter integration and opens up possibilities for better ...

Topics: IBM Cognos Controller, FInancial Consolidation and Close

IMPORTANT: Your TM1 System May Stop Working on Nov 25, 2016

Posted by Kevin Nichols on September 11, 2016

Important Notice for All IBM Cognos TM1 Users: There is a possibility that your TM1 system may stop working on November 24, 2016. The existing TM1 ...

Object Security Integration with IBM Cognos TM1

Posted by James Doren on June 27, 2015

One of the key security-related selling points within IBM Cognos TM1 is the tool’s ability to assign different security levels to different objects within the TM1 model for any given user or ...

Topics: TM1 Technology, IBM Cognos, IBM Cognos TM1

Trends in Enterprise Performance Management...

Posted by Rob Harag on June 7, 2015

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) systems are becoming more powerful, user friendly and more accessible - that is the core theme of an

Topics: Business Forecasting, Performance Management, Financial Planning and Analysis

The Future of IBM Cognos TM1

Posted by Jim Wood on May 13, 2015

IBM Cognos TM1 version 10 has now been around for a good while and has already gone through several minor and major updates. The move from version 10.1 to 10.2 itself was a significant change, ...

Topics: TM1 Technology, IBM Cognos, IBM Cognos TM1, Performance Management

4 Reasons Why Financial Planning & Analysis Is Not Effective

Posted by Rob Harag on May 1, 2015

Considering how important the Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) function is in providing critical business insight to company CFOs and CEOs, it is surprising how low its capabilities are ...

Topics: Business Forecasting

Should I be Developing TM1 Applications Using Performance Modeler?

Posted by Jim Wood on June 4, 2014

Topics: IBM Cognos TM1, Business Forecasting, Performance Modeler