Financial Performance Management

Improve Agility and Provide Greater Business Insight in Budgeting, Forecasting, Reporting and Analytics

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The ACG Financial Corporate Performance Management (FCPM) Blueprint is a complete framework of pre-built models, templates and processes to support budgeting, forecasting, reporting and analytics. The framework will help streamline the finance process and help drive efficiency across the organization. Model integration will help automate processes, improve the control environment and free up finance to focus on value-add activities and provide more valuable insight to the business. As a pre-configured solution, it will provide business guidance and help accelerate ROI.

The toolset leverages the IBM Planning Analytics platform but it also leverages other IBM analytics tools for advanced modeling and analytics. Each model is developed using industry best practices as relates to business process and methodology and leverages the latest features and capabilities of the IBM Analytics platform.Key capabilities that are included in this framework include the following:

Management Reporting and Analytics Automate the creation and distribution of board-ready reports and presentations. Create standard reports as well as user-driven dashboards and visualizations that can be authored by individual user without reliance on IT programming. Analyze information using an easy to use drag-and-drop environment, drill down to detail to understand drivers of variances.
Financial Consolidation and Close Manage complex consolidations in environments with multiple legal entities and / or General Ledger platforms and charts of account. Set up elimination and consolidation entries with complex ownership structures. Manage currency conversion and effectively handle current translation adjustments (CTAs), report in multiple currencies. Report under different accounting standards (IFRS, GAAP, Tax, Statutory etc)with respective custom structures and rules.
Budgeting and Forecasting Streamline and automate budgeting and forecasting for any P&L and Balance Sheet line items. Collaborate on budgets and scenarios with flexible Web of XLS interface. Results are aggregated and available for review and analysis in real time. Create rolling forecasts to increase agility. Integrate with other sub-systems and driver models to improve accuracy of forecasts and increase collaboration and accountability across the enterprise.
Workforce Planning Create detailed and accurate budgets for people and related compensation expenses including salary, benefits, payroll taxes and other employee related expenses. Integrate with HR and budget at he individual or department / functional level of detail. Effectively handle new hires, transfers and expected attrition, reconcile with open requisitions
Capital Asset Planning (CAPEX) Plan for purchases, asset improvements, write downs at the individual asset or category level. This includes Plant, Property and Equipment, office fixtures and furniture or larger capital investment items. Budget for complex project based investments and transfer milestone deliverable and competed items to the Balance Sheet. Automate calculation of depreciation and amortization of assets and transfer of expense to the P&L.
Integrated Financial Statements Automated Modeling of Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow at Transaction Level Detail. This integrated financial budgeting solution uses an interconnected set of inputs and assumptions that are controlled by the end user. Every financial assumption automatically translates to the P&L and balance sheet and shows the resulting impact on cash.
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