Sales Performance Management

Streamline and Automate Sales Operations Processes and Improve Alignment Between Sales and Finance

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ACG Sales Performance Management solution is a set of models and applications that help provide better insight and analytics on the sales and bookings pipeline. It helps streamline and automate sales operations including quota and territory assignment, plan administration and incentive compensation management. It improves alignment between Sales and Finance by leveraging sales data to improve the granularity and accuracy of financial forecasts.

Key capabilities that are included in this framework include the following:

Sales Analytics

Obtain a better view of your sales and existing pipeline though direct integration with your CRM system (Salesforce or other). Analyze bookings and pipeline by any client, product and product type, sales rep, industry territory and any number of other attributes available
Incentive Compensation Management Automate calculation of Incentive Compensation to sales reps and sales teams. Manage plans and plan assignments in a flexible manner, calculate commissions based on actual sales and bookings vs target. Automate reporting and distribution to sales reps with drill down to detail
Territory and Quota Management Streamline planning and assignment of territories and quotas. Create what-if scenarios and set targets for teams, products, clients and geographies.
Revenue Forecasting Automate forecasting of future revenue by leveraging sales and bookings data from CRM or other systems and apply revenue recognition rules by different product types. Improve alignment between sales and finance and, increase the transparency and accuracy of financial forecast.


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