Analytics Content Hub by IBM

Single Hub to Break Down Business Analytics Silos Across Enterprise


Analytics Content Hub by IBM is a new capability that brings all your business analytics capabilities into one place. This single hub allows users to access, discover and personalize content to increase productivity and ensure more consistency in decision making. Organizations that use analytics not only from IBM but from other providers such as Tableau, Qlik, Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, SAP and ThoughtSpot may now pull all this content logically together, accessing it through a single sign-on while ensuring all entitlements are enforced. Furthermore, users can combine insights from all this content to create a composite dashboard with elements from each. Now everyone can see the same complete picture without having to re-create or be limited by a single capability.

Organizations can apply their own branding and creativity to present this information in more modern ways. Imagine delivering your analytic content the way popular streaming services do today, with information tailored to your needs, with recommendations based on your selections over time. This capability uses algorithms to ensure users see the content that will help them make decisions without missing information or re-creating work that’s already available.

Solution Highlights:

  • A single hub to discover, access, search, personalize and recommend business analytics content regardless of vendor
  • A "streaming service" for Enterprise Business Analytics
  • One stop shop for all enterprise analytics
  • Make accessible & uncover all analytics in an organization
  • Easily discover & “mash-up” / bring together ALL content available on a topic into 1 dashboard
  • Third-party / competitive content available in this way at scale
  • Simplified administration (Intuitive select, drag and drop to create dashboards)

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