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Cognos Analytics Release 12.0.1 is Here!

Posted by Paul Nevill on November 1, 2023

WHAT’S NEW IN COGNOS ANALYTICS RELEASE 12.0.1? IBM has introduced Cognos Analytics release 12.0.1 and it includes some great new features. To ...

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Integration of IBM PA and IBM CA with Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT)

Posted by Steve Moore on July 29, 2020

Being able to leverage content from an IBM Planning Analytics (IBM PA) or IBM Cognos Analytics (IBM CA) in a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation is a common requirement by ...

Topics: IBM Cognos, IBM Planning Analytics, IBM Cognos Analytics

Object Security Integration with IBM Cognos TM1

Posted by James Doren on June 27, 2015

One of the key security-related selling points within IBM Cognos TM1 is the tool’s ability to assign different security levels to different objects within the TM1 model for any given user or ...

Topics: TM1 Technology, IBM Cognos, IBM Cognos TM1

The Future of IBM Cognos TM1

Posted by Jim Wood on May 13, 2015

IBM Cognos TM1 version 10 has now been around for a good while and has already gone through several minor and major updates. The move from version 10.1 to 10.2 itself was a significant change, ...

Topics: TM1 Technology, IBM Cognos, IBM Cognos TM1, Performance Management