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IBM Planning Analytics Workspace Release 2.0.90

Posted by Chad Harvey on October 4, 2023

IBM released PAW 2.0.90, the summary of features is listed below:

  • Books and Reporting
    • Set synchronization properties for multiple widgets simultaneously.
    • Ability to delete data from single cell widgets removed.
    • Select a member or set by typing its name in an exploration view.
    • Insert spacer rows and columns in explorations.
    • The Replace button now works on selections in the Current set.
    • Virtual set and reset features are now available for the current set in the set editor.
    • AI-generated recommendations are available in the Learn Pane.
  • Plans and Applications
    • Usability improvements to the contribution page in Applications and Plans.
  • Modeling
    • Work with database logs on the modeling workbench.
    • Use baseline forecasting to create and share forecasts.
  • Administration
    • Simplified process to rename databases, snapshots, and user groups.
    • View a user's last login in Planning Analytics Administration.



For more detail, you can review all of the new features introduced in PAW 2.0.90 at  


You can also view the fix lists for this version and previous versions of Planning Analytics Workspace at



IBM continues to add capabilities and functionality to the IBM Planning Analytics platform at regular intervals. If you have questions, we’re happy to discuss, or we can even provide a demo if you’d like to take a closer look. You can reach us any time at

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