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Cognos Analytics Release 12.0.1 is Here!

Posted by Paul Nevill on November 1, 2023


IBM has introduced Cognos Analytics release 12.0.1 and it includes some great new features. To get you up to speed quickly, here is a quick summary of what’s new in the latest release:

  • Multiple components
    • Favorites – mark items that you access often
    • Search results enhancements
    • File upload enhancements
    • AI-generated recommendations available in the Learn Pane
    • Auto-complete and popular search suggestions in the Learn Pane
  • Assistant
    • Assistant and Learn Pane integration
    • Share Narrative insights from the Assistant
    • New option for adding visualizations to dashboards from the Assistant
    • Usability improvements and natural language enhancements in the Assistant
  • Dashboards
    • Automatic sorting in month, weekday and season columns
    • Showing additional data values in tooltips
    • Expanding visualization content in PDF output
    • Showing and styling stack labels in stacked visualizations
    • Additional fields in line and column visualization
    • Styling titles of repeated columns and rows in visualizations
    • Icon visibility in the visualization header
    • More consistent documentation about visualization types
  • Reports
    • Excel sheet naming improvements
    • Rendering schematics to PDF with the Image Service
  • Dashboards and reports
    • Expanded IBMid support for embedded reports and dashboards in Microsoft Teams
    • Mapbox street map data in Japanese maps
  • Modeling
    • Multilingual metadata
    • Custom sorting
    • Automatic sorting in moth weekday, and season columns
    • Adding or removing tables from a view
  • Event agent
    • Event Studio reinstated as a standard component and renamed to Event agent
  • Administration
    • Activities page enhancements
    • New settings for size limits on data sets and uploaded data
    • New connection editor
    • Schedule by week for On cloud On-Demand Premium users
    • Supported software Environments page for release 12.0.1
    • Vendor-supported drivers versions tested with 12.0.1
    • New paletteId property in themes
    • New DQM connection property
    • Generated spec.json documentation for extensions
  • Samples
    • Changes to base samples


For more detail, you can review all of the new features introduced in Cognos Analytics release 12.0.1 at*10re5mv*_ga*MTA1NjE2MTE5Ni4xNjczMzcxNjMw*_ga_FYECCCS21D*MTY5NzA0ODExNS4xNDUuMC4xNjk3MDQ4MTkzLjAuMC4w


In summary, the latest release Cognos Analytics release 12.0.1 continues to improve overall performance, usability and experience for users and administrators. If you have questions, we’re happy to discuss, or we can even provide a demo if you’d like to take a closer look. You can reach us at


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