Workforce Planning and Resource Optimization

A Set of Models and Capabilities to Improve the Efficiency in Managing all Aspect of People and Related Activities


People are the most important asset of many companies, and in many cases, they account for up to 70% of the cost base.  The ability to project and effectively manage your employees is a top priority for most businesses. People are the key constraint that needs to be solved for and are critical for effective execution of corporate strategy.

ACG Developed a set of models and capabilities to help manage the various aspects of resourcing and maximize the efficiency of the existing workforce. Some selected capability are as follows:

Capacity Planning Modeling available capacity based on key business drivers and assumptions including cost, mix of skills, location, growth and other metrics. Create long term plans and projections based on user driven metrics and assumptions
Resource Management Assign and allocate resources to programs and initiatives to meet corporate objectives. Identify and manage resourcing gaps, collaborate on what-if scenarios to optimize resource allocation for maximum delivery benefit.
Workforce Planning Plan and forecast the cost of the workforce including salary, benefits, payroll taxes and other employee related expenses. Incorporate movements in labor such as joiners, leavers or transfers. Integrate with existing HR systems to perform calculations at the individual name, department or functional level.
Reporting and Analytics Obtain significant insight into the drivers of cost of labor, which is typically the largest cost item. Analyze both cost and headcount by any number of dimensions, create dashboards and visualizations. Integrate headcount and financial data to manage key drivers and KPIs.


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