Re-Thinking Corporate Real Estate (CRES)

Virtual Working Group - Scenario Planning and Modeling of Real Estate Strategies


The seemingly permanent shift towards working remotely and reduced travel is forcing companies to re-think their Corporate Real Estate (CRES) strategies. ACG is setting up a Virtual Working Group to discuss requirements and methodology for a standardized toolset to help model various scenarios for a post-pandemic era. The objective is to facilitate collaboration and scenario planning using different economic assumptions, create efficiency and improve insight into the financial impact of various options in real time. The target application will leverage IBM Planning Analytics as the underlying platform.

Some of the early feedback and requirements around Corporate Real Estate strategy include the following:

  • Improve planning for use and allocation of Corporate Real Estate globally
  • Analyze occupancy by location as well as business and functional footprint
  • Track costs related to leases, maintenance and other expenses
  • Plan for Capital and Asset Improvement projects and initiatives with real time insight into the impact on P&L and Balance Sheet
  • Create scenarios for changes in real estate utilization including associated costs
  • Analyze the impact on real estate cost allocations for various scenarios to the lines of business in real time
  • Improve efficiency of collaboration, streamline reporting and analytics

This working group is comprised of various CRES professionals. Participation is voluntary, there are no obligations or requirements to purchase products or services. The objective is to solicit requirements and input from a broad group of finance and CRES professionals and create as best a model as possible. Please sign up to be part of the group using the form on this page.

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