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IBM Planning Analytics Workspace Release 2.0.95

Posted by Chad Harvey on April 24, 2024

IBM released IBM Planning Analytics update 2.0.95, the detail of what is included in the release can be found HERE. Below is a summary of the updates included:

Books and Reporting 

Customized Display of Hierarchies in Synchronization

New synchronization settings now allow customization of how each hierarchy in the cube viewer or visualization displays after user selection. This allows for more flexibility and granularity of navigation in books and visualizations. The menu is available under "Advanced Synchronization" at the bottom of the Synchronization tab. 

Plans and Applications 

Create color-coded tags in plan tasks

Users can now create color-coded, custom tags in plan tasks to quickly identify tasks on the Overview page. The tags created are saved to the plan and can be shared by all tasks in the given plan. 


Enhancements to the File Manager

There are several enhancements to the File Manager in the modeling workbench that will simplify and enhance the ability to move files around. The File Manager shows a list of all the files and folders that have been uploaded to the Planning Analytics database and allows you to manage those items. Users can now

  • Create folders and sub-folders
  • Cut, copy and paste files
  • Compress and expand files

Revert Transactions in the Transaction Log

You can now revert one or more transactions from the database transaction log in Planning Analytics Workspace.

Manage database thread activity on the modeling workbench

You can now view and manage thread activity for a database directly on the modeling workbench. This new feature provides many of the same capabilities available for thread monitoring in Planning Analytics Administration.

Deprecation Notices 

The following deprecation notices are applicable to Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.95.
  • End of support for Planning Analytics Workspace Local on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (Local only)
  • End of support for Planning Analytics Workspace Local on Windows Server 2016 (Local only)

 If you have any questions or would like to discuss these updates further, please reach out to us at 


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