IBM Cognos BI Solutions

IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence (BI) brings together an array of capabilities necessary to deliver crucial information for making better decisions.  Cognos BI is an open, enterprise-class platform designed to provide complete, consistent and timely information to your user communities.

Satisfy your organizational needs for reports, dashboards, scorecards, analysis and planning, with a platform that helps reduce the complexity of your BI environment, helps increase your return on investment and helps reduce your total cost of ownership.

The BI platform enables your Cognos software to access the relevant data sources throughout your organization and even outside of it. It provides broad reach and open access to a mix of data sources present in most organizations today, whether they are data warehouses, technology platforms applications, OLAP cubes, legacy data sources or unstructured data. In addition, it provides a modeling environment for building access to needed information.


  • Reach all your information reliably and quickly
  • Deliver a complete, consistent view of your business
  • Cost-effectively scale as user communities and data volumes grow
  • Adapt to change with a flexible infrastructure

ACG can help with your Cognos BI needs.  We provide services during all phases of the project lifecycle.  Whether you are looking for assistance with installations, configurations, server performance tuning, or modeling for a data warehouse project or a direct RDBMS/ERP reporting system, we are here to help.

To learn more about how IBM Cognos BI can address your business challenges Contact ACG