Master Data Mangement

Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) is the process of creating a single, unified view of the enterprise to allow for a precise unified view of customers, products, suppliers, inventory or even employees.  

There are a number of technology vendors that provide an "out-of-the-box” MDM solution. The underlying principle is that by using this technology with your existing applications (BI, CRM, ERP, etc.) you can maintain one business view that will then feed consistent, accurate and reliable data back into these systems. 

The real challenge to building a MDM environment is to determine exactly what constitutes a "customer" or a "partner" etc. and how to resolve discrepancies across business units.  For example, departments need to agree on hierarchies of customers and products and how to resolve inconsistencies.  In addition they need to determine the new business process for ongoing maintenance and ownership of the data.

The root of the MDM problem is in how and where the data is created.  It is no surprise that, no software is going to magically solve your enterprise's data problems overnight. 

ACG can help by analyzing your business processes, data sources, and current systems without nepotism.  We can then provide recommendations and implementation assistance for your organization to migrate to an integrated MDM solution.

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