Enabling Single Sign-On for IBM Planning Analytics Local

A detailed step-by-step guide to facilitate successful configuration of IBM PAL for SSO


Enabling Single Sign-On after an upgrade to IBM PA Local is a key universal requirement across most IBM PA installs. The ACG "SSO for IBM PA Local Guide" provides detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to enable the capability based on our experience from multiple IBM PAL Upgrades in various environments. This 13-page document contains detailed guidelines for the install including screen shots, sources for any SW that needs to be installed, code blocks with specific commands and syntax

Configuration Guide Outline

The guide outlines detailed configuration steps in the following categories:

  • Initial Assumptions
  • IIS Configuration
  • Install and Configure Gateway
  • Gateway Install
  • BI_INTEROP Files Addition and Configuration
  • Connecting Gateway to Windows IIS
  • Configurations Edit
  • Other Adjustments & Final Testing
SSO Code-3

 Configuration Guide Content

The guide will include the following:

  • Key assumptions and starting configuration
  • A detailed walk through of the configuration step-by-step
  • URLs for upload of required tools and drivers
  • Screen Shots of views and configurations to facilitate the setup
  • Sample code that can be embedded in your environment
  • Final adjustment and testing guide

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