Business Intelligence Vendor Evaluation Services

Often companies waste millions of dollars attempting to implement solutions, only to find during User Acceptance Testing that selected tools are misaligned with business needs.  This typically occurs because inadequate time was spent evaluating the technology as it relates to the business processes it will facilitate. 

The cold hard truth is that each Business Intelligence tool has its own strengths and weaknesses.  Software vendors have all invested in impressive sales demonstrations and processes that make them seem very similar.  As a result, it has become more difficult to discern which tools are right for your organization.

Effective vendor evaluations require hands-on experience with the underlying technologies to uncover sometimes subtle, but essential differences.  These subtleties can make the difference between project success and failure.  In addition, technology must be evaluated not only from a technical perspective, but it must also conform to your current or planned business processes.

The ACG Advantage

ACG can help you evaluate vendor solutions to determine which tools are right for your organization. This is a challenging task for most companies because few organizations possess in-house expertise with a broad range of Business Intelligence tools.

ACG has hands on experience with many of the major BI technologies as well as experience building completely custom BI solutions from scratch. We have worked with BI technologies for 20 plus years and can add significant value by selecting the right solution for your organization.  ACG’s experience is not only of the technical nature.  We have strong business skills as well, with years of industry expertise in the Life Sciences, CPG, and Financial industries

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