Project Scoping

Every technology-based business system starts with a project scoping exercise which at a minimum includes gathering business requirements, understanding workflow processes and projecting overall project costs.  This phase of a project is also commonly called a Project Charter or Scope of Work.  The terminology varies from company to company but the process is the same.  This phase outlines a realistic project budget for management approval.

The Challenge

Once the project is approved, the biggest challenge is keeping the implementation within budget.  The primary cause of budget overruns is changing requirements.  In most cases the problem can be traced back to not asking the right questions in the first place when scoping the original project.

ACG Advantage

When it comes to scoping projects, ACG has experienced business technology consultants who know what questions to ask, have good communication skills and understand your business.  Our systematic approach leads business users to discover all the information requirements, business rules and user functionality needs, which results in a complete and accurate system specification the first time.  Using ACG to scope your projects sets the stage for an on time on budget implementation that satisfies all business needs.

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