Production Support, Maintenance and Enhancements

After go-live a project is not yet done.  Sure, one of the biggest hurdles has been crossed, but inevitably the new users will need some assistance in using the new product.  This is where Support and Maintenance comes in.

ACG can answer all of your Support and Maintenance needs, including:

  • Onsite or remote administrative support
  • Onsite or remote end-user support
  • Periodic database monitoring and health checks
  • Onsite or remote training services
  • Managed hosting services

In addition to regular support and maintenance, one needs to periodically update their systems to keep pace with changing business needs and improvements in technology innovation.  In today’s marketplace, both business needs and technology are evolving at the speed of thought.  As a company changes the way that it does business, it will naturally want its systems to evolve along with it.  To keep up with the changes, the company will either need to upgrade, or have enhancements made to their existing systems.

ACG can answer all of your system Enhancement needs, including:

  • Application version upgrades
  • Application customizations
  • Complimentary custom modules
  • Application development resources


Without proper documentation, an audit can be a nightmare.  And in the post Sarbanes-Oxley world, the last thing any company needs is to complicate any audits.

Not only does ACG provide strategic business solutions for companies, but we also have experience in accompanying those developments with exhaustive, compliant documentation in a variety of industries.