IBM Cognos Express

IBM Cognos Express delivers enterprise class reporting, analysis, dashboard, scorecard, planning, budgeting and forecasting capabilities that workgroups and midsize companies need at a price they can afford. This scalable, preconfigured solution can help you discover and act on new insights quickly – while minimizing demands on your IT staff.

Cognos Express Planner - Planning, budgeting and forecasting software for midsize companies

IBM® Cognos® Express Planner is planning, budgeting and forecasting software designed for workgroups and midsize companies. It replaces manual planning processes with automated daily, weekly or monthly planning tools that use the latest data, so users can react quickly to changing conditions and grow the business.

Cognos Express Planner offers these capabilities:

  • Streamlined information gathering, aggregation and analysis for continuous planning, budgeting and forecasting
  • An intuitive planning environment that combines a managed workflow with analysis for improved business agility
  • Advanced analysis features including filtering, role-based security and audit trails.

IBM Cognos Express Reporter - Self service reporting and ad hoc query for midsize companies

IBM® Cognos® Express Reporter provides complete self-service reporting and query capabilities for workgroups and midsize businesses. It empowers users to access, modify and create reports quickly and easily, no matter where or how they choose to work.

With Cognos Express Reporter, organizations can make informed decisions while reducing the time and cost of sharing information. Cognos Express Reporter provides:

  • Flexibility—create reports that combine information from different sources and meet the needs of various users
  • Ease of use—any user, from novice to expert, can access this software using a web browser for self-service reporting
  • Broader access to insights — equip all users with timely information to make informed decisions, regardless of location

Cognos Express Xcelerator - Spreadsheet based business analysis and optimization software for midsize companies

IBM® Cognos® Express Xcelerator extends the familiar Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet with an in-memory analytics engine. It is designed to provide multidimensional business analysis and optimization to midsize companies, helping you gain better insight to make the most of your business opportunities.

Cognos Express Xcelerator provides these capabilities:

  • Close integration with Micorsoft Excel helping you overcome the risks and limitations of spreadsheet processes and centrally manage data, business hierarchies, rules and calculations
  • What-if modeling for more accurate results when building and testing business scenarios
  • New levels of insight to optimize your business, improve accountability and increase profits

Midsize companies worldwide are using IBM Cognos Express to reduce costs, create more accurate reports, discover deeper insights and improve productivity and efficiency.