IBM Planning Analytics Health Check with ACG and QUBEdocs

QUBEdocs health Check

Proper understanding and documentation of an IBM Planning Analytics (IBM PA) model is critical to ensure operating efficiency, manage risk and sometimes meet regulatory requirements. Lack of model documentation makes it difficult to maintain continuity when current staff leaves. Often times there are concerns whether the IBM PA model is developed properly, especially if the application does not exactly meet your requirements. Perhaps you want to better understand the information flow and internal dependencies to manage risk and provide audit trail to external parties. Understanding and documenting a complex IBM PA model may be a daunting task that could require days or weeks of review and analysis.

ACG and QUBEdocs partnered up to offer a FREE IBM PA model assessment. The offer combines the power of the QUBEdocs platform with the experience of ACG IBM PA architects as follows:

Process (Company)

Customer provides a high level overview of their business process and requirements and discusses any concerns, objectives and opportunities as relates to their IBM PA application.
Technology (QUBEdocs) The QUBEdocs platform is deployed to facilitate a comprehensive automated analysis and documentation of your IBM PA model with graphical presentation of results.
People        (ACG) A senior IBM PA solution architect reviews the analysis vs the customer objectives and concerns, interprets the results and recommends actions to address tactical as well as strategic items.

Download a more detailed outline of the offering that include background on QUBEdocs by filling out the form.

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