IBM Planning Analytics for Excel (PAX) - The 4 Report Types and How to Use Them

IBM PAX Matrix

How do I choose the right report for my specific business needs?

IBM Planning Analytics for Excel (PAX) provides four different report / view options - Exploration, Quick Report, Dynamic Report and Custom Report. Choosing the best report type for a specific business need may not be obvious to those that are new to the platform or do not have extensive experience in using it. It may also be a change for those that are used to the legacy tools Perspective and CAFE.

ACG created 4-page summary that describes the 4 report types and outlines the various considerations of when and how to use them for various business needs. This high level outline can be used as an initial high-level guide of how the various report types address specific needs. The summary includes the following:

  • A high level overview of the 4 report types
  • A matrix comparison of the pros / Cons associated with each report and some of the typical use cases
  • Detailed discussion of the report types that are best suited to address specific business needs:
    • Standardized Reporting
    • Input and data collection for Budgeting and Forecasting
    • Data exploration and ad-hoc analysis

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