Executive Dashboards and Scorecards

Executive Dashboards and scorecards provide senior executives access to key internal and external business information to assist in the decision making process in an organization.  These systems typically leverage graphical displays to create simplified user interfaces.  The goal of these systems is to simplify the process of monitoring key business drivers which will help identify problems and opportunities within the business.

ACG provides experience and guidance for deploying all types of management applications including dashboards, scorecards, reporting systems, and analytics necessary for every phase of your management lifecycle.

ACG has expertise in an array of products that provide solutions for each stage in the performance management cycle, allowing you to:

  • Align strategic goals to execution
  • Gain confidence in the numbers
  • Integrate business planning
  • Achieve a consistent view of information
  • Leverage existing IT structure
  • Make fact-based decisions
  • Gain insight into action, and
  • Have analytics help drive business

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