Advanced IBM Cognos TM1 Training

Mini-Camps for IBM Cognos TM1

ACG, as the author of the IBM Cognos TM1 Rules Guide, is uniquely qualified to provide a variety of short, specific training options like our mini-camps. In a week or less, a mini-camp class will concentrate on one aspect of creating or managing a TM1 environment.

At ACG, we offer several standard and advanced mini-camps that apply to most firms, as well as create custom classes for whatever other needs may arise with clients.

Standard One Day Mini-Camps

TM1 Administration for Finance: Learn to define users and groups, and grant security permissions. Also create basic financial calculations for use in reports.

TM1 Excel Report Development: Tips and techniques to effectively create reports, graphs, and worksheets in Excel.

Advanced Multi-Day Camps

Advanced TM1 Scripting: Builds upon the basic knowledge of TI scripting to create more dynamic and powerful programs.  Learn how to eliminate hard coding by using TI scripts to dynamically create database objects. Understand how to create processes that load and copy data to automate the maintenance of your TM1 environment.

Advanced Techniques for Using TM1 Rules: Learn the nuances of TM1 rules engine. Find out how to create dynamic rules without hard coding. See how to use rules along with hierarchies and attributes to control security. Learn how to improve performance with feeders. Understand the impact of overfeeding to ensure the best performance for TM1 system.

Custom Mini-Camps

We can also customize a mini-camp specifically for your needs. Contact ACG to obtain detailed course information and options.

To learn more about how ACG’s Advanced TM1 Training services can address your business challenges Contact ACG