Workforce Planning and Resource Management with IBM Planning Analytics

ACG Webinar

June 15, 2023, 2-3pm EST

Join us for this Webcast to discuss how companies streamline and automate workforce planning and facilitate resource management with IBM Planning Analytics. This fully integrated model will provide true 360 degree view of resources from both cost as well as allocation to key projects and initiatives perspective.

Key areas of focus will include the following:

Workforce Planning
  • Direct integration with HR for employees and related attributes
  • Headcount planning at the name or functional level
  • Assumptions for new hires, transfers and terminations
  • Automated calculation of salary and benefits with global assumptions at the name / cost center (fringe) level
  • Employee related expenses, both one-time and recurring
  • Long range resource strategy based on key business assumptions
  • Annual budgeting and periodic monthly reforecast
  • Scenario planning and what-if analysis
  • Drill down and analytics of key headcount trends and drivers
  • Direct integration with P&L
Resource Management and Allocations
  • Capacity planning and long-term resource strategy
  • Allocation of resources to projects and initiatives
  • Global rate assumptions by project, client and other
  • Labor costing for internal and / or external customers / purposes
  • Comparison between budget / forecast and actual time spent at the activity level
  • Integration with P&L for revenue or allocated expense / labor cost
  • Utilization reporting
  • Bench / over-utilization report
  • Analytics with drill down to project, program, client, business or other level

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